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What Is Dopamine, Dopamine Benefits And Possible Negative Side Effects.

What is dopamine?

In order to understand the answer to this question, you must know about dopamine, the effects relating to it and its uses. Dopamine is actually a natural hormone produced in our brain, and this hormone regulates our mood, different emotions, our ability to deal with stress, anxiety, and regulates our sleep pattern.

This hormone enhances the decision-making capabilities of the mind and controls craving of different sorts. It is a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical transmitting different impulse between the nerve cells called the neurons. Low levels of dopamine causes stiffness, loss of balance, difficulty while walking or giving a speech, rigidity in the muscles, and frozen kind of facial features, whereas, increase of dopamine beyond required level leads to paranoia, addiction, and phobia.

Dopamine Benefits

Following are some of the benefits of dopamine:

•    Treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Patients suffering from this specific disease lose the major portion of their nerve cells that produces dopamine. This leads to the condition where the neurons are unable to control body movement. Thus, dopamine level is increased in the blood of the patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease in order to relieve him or her from the painful symptoms.

•    Works against depression

Deficiency of a type of dopamine is responsible for the occurrence of depression. Thus, drugs that are used for increasing the dopamine level are used for traditional therapies. It can cure major depression and depressed phase during bipolar disorder.

•    Treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Lowering the level of dopamine may result in the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Thus, dopamine treats the above-mentioned condition. An area in the brain, which produces dopamine, is also responsible for different cognitive-natured tasks such as focus and attention.

Negative Effects Due To Increased Dopamine

Different drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines cause the level of dopamine to spike up. One should also know about the drawbacks that he or she has to face if the level of dopamine increases. Few of them are explained below:

•    Addiction:

Increase of dopamine level induces the body and the brain to associate themselves with various pleasurable feelings. This is the reason why a person repeats such behaviour and the addiction to dopamine builds gradually.

•    Anxious or nervous state of mind:

Usually when a person experiences a high dose of dopamine and after it resolves, both the body and his or her mind is in a state of high alertness. This leads to nervousness, or paranoia. Such kind of chronic exposure may be harmful and the patient may develop violent behaviour, schizophrenia or psychosis, which is similar to schizophrenia.

•    Tourette syndrome or stuttering:

Increase of dopamine level in the brain also causes a person to stutter and develop Tourette syndrome. Studies have shown that medications used for blocking dopamine reduce stuttering.

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