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Serotonin Antagonist - What is it, Side Effects and Important Considerations.

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Serotonin antagonist is a kind of medication used for inhibiting various inflammations of the blood vessels that are associated with migraine headaches.

These drugs are the oldest and the most effective treatments used for these headaches.

These drugs bind the serotonin receptors but in no way activate it.

Purpose of Use of The Serotonin Antagonist

• A serotonin antagonist medicine prevents vomiting and nausea caused by anaesthesia(anesthesia) or chemotherapy.
•  These antagonists also decrease the episodes of bulimia in people suffering from bulimia nervosa.

Side Effects

Normally, these serotonin antagonists have lesser side effects than those medicines, which prevent nausea. The side effects resulting from the serotonin antagonist patches may include adverse reactions on the skin such as rash, blisters, and skin turning red. Other side effects include:

•    A person feels sleepy most of the time and experiences great degree of fatigue.
•    A person after consuming these medicines may also suffer from muscle cramps.
•    Headaches and dizziness are also two kinds of side effects of the serotonin antagonists.
•    A person even suffers from constipation problems or diarrhea after taking in the serotonin antagonists.
•    Signs of nervousness are also another kind of side effect of these medicines.

Nefazodone and Trazodone

2D structure of the serotonin /dopamine antagonist
Two kinds of serotonin antagonist are nefazodone or Serzone and trazodone or Desyrel. They treat depression and anxiety of a person. A person, who consumes the nefazodone, starts with doze of 100 mgs taken two times a day, whereas a dose of trazodone begins between 50 to 100 mgs in a day.

 These antagonists block some of the serotonin receptor sites on the post-synaptic nerve membranes, which are called 5-HT2C and the 5-HT2A. They are prescribed as anti-anxiety drugs and are commonly consumed by patients who are depressed and suffer from nervousness.

Important Considerations

Many a times, we see that a serotonin antagonist drug is used with various other medicines like aprepitant, dexamethasone that are used to prevent and control nausea feeling and vomiting which is caused by a chemotherapy session. However, children whose body weight is less than nine kilograms and who are less than three years should not consume these medicines.

Still various researches and studies are being conducted to determine whether these serotonin antagonists pass into a woman’s breast milk or not. This is the reason why women who is breast-feeding need to consult doctors before consuming these medicines. Even during pregnancy, a woman should always consult a doctor before taking these serotonin antagonists as their effects during pregnancy is still not known. Thus, is it always advisable to take medical advice from a professional before consuming a serotonin antagonist.

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